I’ve been a fussy eater since the day I came out of the womb. I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps its my Virgo fussiness. Or perhaps it was my parents, neither of whom could cook.

My brother and I pretty much grew up on fish sticks, veal schnitzel, the occasional steak, iceberg lettuce salads with Kraft (Krapp!) dressing – the only things my mother could make, albeit badly. My mother would pack our lunches without any creativity or thought: tuna and salmon sandwiches drenched in American processed mayonnaise (Helmanns or Miracle Whip); peanut butter sandwiches with way too much jam. It’s no wonder I used to either give away or throw out my lunches in elementary school.

My father was even less of a chef, and each time he tried to make a pizza, he’d burn the cheese, so it ended up tasting like vomit. My father quickly realized my mother couldn’t cook for her life, so he’d take us out for dinner at least twice a week, hence my love of restaurants and cafes. Sometimes I wonder whether my parents marriage would have been more successful had they actually spent more time in the kitchen together.

Because I had not been brought up in the kitchen like so many great chefs, I actually feared the kitchen, and stayed away from it most of the time. In high school, I bought my lunches at the cafeteria, and later started skipping classes to eat salads at the local mall. In CEGEP, I spent my $40 weekly allowance on $1.99 breakfasts consisting of eggs, bacon and toast, and $2.99 on pizza and Caesar salad lunches. In university, whatever loans I got were spent on nearby downtown restaurants and cafes. But throughout my life, I was very fussy about where I’d eat, much in the same way I was fussy about my parents’ food.

It was only in my 30s that I started to cook for myself, having picked up tips and tricks from certain culinary friends over the years. But my love for finer restaurants and cafes has never waned, being the adventurous eater I’ve become. So I’ve created this food blog for several reasons other than reviewing restaurants, cafes and food stores: I wish to cathartically channel my personal food journey by sharing it with others, as well as to share my own recipes, food resources and thoughts on food, so that you’ll never eat badly again.

Bon appetit, from the Bonne Vivante!



2 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for finding my blog. I am SO looking forward to checking out some of your discoveries!

  2. This is fabulous! I love the way you write.
    Thank you, Tarushka! <3

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